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Monni is extremely gifted. She has a presence that immediately puts everyone at ease. I feel extremely comfortable and safe working with Monni and the results of our work together have exceeded my highest expectations. Magnificent!


Monni is an incredible photographer. Her portraits are so unique. She is able to capture the essence of her subject and uncover their inner soul. I cherish all of the piece of Monni's work that I have!


Monni, you always capture the magic!


Monni, all your pictures tell a story. You are an incredible talent, You even make me look good! We will cherish our photos forever.

E & J

"Thank you for capturing the most amazing moments and documenting our entire day. We love the photo's so much and have watched the slideshow every single day since you sent it. We truly feel so fortunate to have had you photographing our special day. You are so talented!We had the best night of our lives and thanks to you, will never forget how magical it really was"


"Dear Monni,We wanted to take a moment to say thank you. What you did for us was one of the most special things that we will ever do. We have taken family portraits before, but this was different. These photos couldn't have been taken at a more precious time. Thank you for helping us to create such a special memory. Thank you for thinking of us and for being so kind and caring. You are so special, and you made us feel very special too. You will never know how grateful we are. Thank you"


"Monni-I can not thank you enough for all the loving, lasting memories you've captured for me and my family. You (and Linda and everyone else) are absolutely amazing. Just when I think you can't outdo what you did a previous time, you most certainly do. You are absolutely magical! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the fabulous huge photo of me and Maelani - a gift so very generous! I love you and all you do... i'm so glad you talked me into that pregnancy shoot!"


"Dear Monni-Thank you so much for your patience in working with my guys! The photo session was a great experience- so different from anything we had experienced!It was fun "working" with you and Linda!"

"Dear Monni, THANK YOU for a truly inspiring interview. Living Witnesses is a constant reminder of the Holocaust mantra: "We will never forget." Your stunning portraits... combined with Sabrina's wordsmithing have created a keepsake for people around the world. I'm so happy to have had the chance to interview you for Magic 106.7's Exceptional Women show."


"Dear Monni,Your "Living Witnesses" is a very truly important project.It is a wonderful testimony that you are making to our Survivor Community.It is a most inspired way to heal your own un-healable loss - though such a loss will always leave a scar.It was very meaningful for me to sit for you last year, so as to be part of your project.Your project deserves to be in every official Holocaust library and archive; and should be sold in every Holocaust Museum bookstore."


Working with Monni is a wonderful experience. Her attention to detail & devotion to each picture makes her truly an artist. Her work is elegant creative & timeless. Monni creates a comfortable & enjoyable environment for the entire photo session experience. She created beautiful moments that I will be able to treasure & travel back to for the rest of my life.